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Consulting, Creative Direction, & Art Direction
The Miller Lite team at DDB was looking to bring Miller Lite into the gaming community in a genuine, fun and authentic way. So, they brought me in to help build the program.

In the gaming community, the party is happening on Twitch. So, we reached out by sending custom streamer kits to some of our favorite content creators on Twitch. It’s their party, and we want to bring the beer. The kits included some Miller Lite, a koozie stein, a desktop fridge, a hand written note professing our appreciation for what they do, and a set of gaming posters representing some of the games they love to stream.

Thanks to talented illustrator & artist Ian Jepson I was beyond stoked to see my sketches come to life through his expert hand. I was even more thrilled to see the reaction from the twitch streamers, as they opened their personalized kits on stream.

This whole thing was put together by a talented group of people who love to play games and drink beer. There’s so much more to share and so much more to come as the gaming community and Miller Lite friendship grows.

Gaming Consultant, Creative Direction, & Art Direction
Brad VandenBerg

Associate Creative Direction at DDB
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Twitch Streamer: ActionJaxon

Twitch Streamer: ActionJaxon