Brad VandenBerg

I was born and raised in southwest Michigan, earned my degree in Visual Communication Design out East, and moved to the West Coast to hone my craft in the action sports industry. Now, I live in Chicago where I work as an Art Director, Designer, and Consultant for large agencies, scrappy startups, and established independent brands. My experience covers a wide range of industries, as I have worked on brands in everything from beer and music to healthcare and video games.

Art Director - I leverage my 15 years of design and advertising experience to currently work as a creative gun for hire. Supplement your existing creative team with my experience in creative concepting, strategy, and visual leadership. Whether it’s a big pitch or an unexpected influx of work, I know I can help.

Designer - I’ve been creating visual art across all mediums since I was young, but logos, graphics, and illustrations are my bread and butter. If your startup needs branding, your album needs a cover, your beer needs a label, or you’re in the market for a custom logo, reach out. We’ll make it happen, together.

Consulting & Creative Direction - I am a lifelong gamer and expert in the gaming industry, gaming culture, twitch streaming, and eSports marketing. With the gaming space having so much potential for marketers, I am regularly asked to share my expertise with agencies who are developing brand activations in gaming. Whether your brand is looking to enter the gaming space in a relevant way, or has already started a program, I will work hand in hand with you to develop successful programs that engage this marketing-savvy audience.

Reach out and let’s start shaping something airtight, meaningful, and authentic for your brand.

Select Clients

Miller Lite
AB Inbev
Blast Radius

Roughhouse Brewing
Jam Sandwich

Core Rx Communications
Crossfit Catacombs
Spy Optic
Goose Island