Billabong Xbox Avatar Store

ROLE: Concept and Art Direction

ACTION: Billabong was approached by a third party company with the opportunity to develop a Billabong store in the Xbox Live Avatar Store.

REACTION: Give gamers more ways to express themselves by bringing authentic Billabong surf clothing to the digital goods marketplace. Maintain the cool, fresh, and premium quality expected with the Billabong brand.

RESOLUTION: Each season I worked closely with the Sr. Director of Design for clothing, to select pieces that were expected to sell well in real world retail, as well as have strong visual impact as a digital representation.

Each season, I created and collected assets for the 3rd party developer, and, working as the art director for the project, I approved their final digital properties. Additionally, I coordinated this project’s Social media initiative - a natural outlet for the promotion of Billabong’s new clothing on the Xbox Live Avatar Store.

Billabong had no expectations of the project due to unfamiliarity with the market of gamer culture, and the success of bringing their digital goods to market was unprecedented. Being a lifelong fan of video games, I wasn’t surprised.